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We create digital platforms to raise scientific literacy and appreciation, inspire scientific exploration, and improve accessibility to science.

Evrim Ağacı

Evrim Ağacı is the largest popular science organization in Turkey, with a particular focus on natural sciences such as evolutionary biology and its applications. It has a strong reach of about 2 million visits per month. The goal of this project is to raise awareness to modern science.


Kreosus is the first creative sustainability platform of Turkey. The crowdfunding platform brings content creators together with their audience who can monetarily support their work. Its adaptability and modular design is its greatest strength over alternative services.


Agora is the first science market of Turkey that works with a combination of dropshipping and massdropping. You can find everything from science books to science jewelry. We work with publishing houses to bring the best content together in one platform.

 Our Story

Our Story

Tree of Evolution started as a student club under the Biology and Genetics Society of the Middle East Technical University in November 5th, 2010. Since then it has evolved beyond its expectations, becoming a comprehensive new media and science company based in Texas, USA. Our audiences are primarily Turkish, but we have started creating English content.

Founding Members

We have many volunteers, content creators, and editors across the world.
Çağrı Mert Bakırcı-Taylor
Çağrı Mert Bakırcı-Taylor
Founder & CEO
Ashlee Lane Bakırcı-Taylor
Ashlee Lane Bakırcı-Taylor
Director of Science Outreach

Lives We've Touched

Our work impacts the lives of so many people, especially younger generations.

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